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Total Districts Covered 80

Plants installed:

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We trace the journey of a few states in India, which have shown tremendous improvement in treating waste from on-site sanitation systems by putting in place the right policies, regulations and infrastructure.

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learn more about FSSM


Maharashtra is one of the forerunners in India's FSM journey as the state government envisioned going beyond toilet accessibility even before it was widely mandated.

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Maharashtra’s journey to FSSM

Andhra Pradesh

Steadily heading towards its goal to ensure 100% safe treatment of faecal sludge, championing behavioural transformation among its citizens and nurturing entrepreneurs across the sector.

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The Telangana State Government in India’s FSSM journey is one of the forerunners, championing gender inclusive sanitation, worker safety and innovations in WSH.

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Telangana's way of implementing FSSM at scale

Tamil Nadu

The Government of Tamil Nadu has been a pioneer in the sanitation sector for recognising the importance of total sanitation as core to improving public health standards.

Watch Shri Harmander Singh, IAS (Additional Chief Secretary- Municipal Administration and Water Supply) talk about the significance of FSSM


The State’s efforts in implementing FSSM has resulted in a remarkable transformation - from 2% treatment of faecal waste till 2016, to 100% either being safely treated or disposed in 2020.

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Odisha’s way of implementing FSSM at scale

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is steadily scaling the innovations and building capacities of stakeholders on FSSM


Uttarakhand is leading wastewater treatment despite a challenging climate and topography, preserving the region's biodiversity